Homeschool Classes

2nd Semester Now Enrolling

The inaugural homeschool curriculum is taking registrations for the 2nd half of the school year, starting in January. This course is designed for homeschool groups in mind. All teaching, grading, and administration is handled by the academy, freeing parents to focus on other aspects of schooling and daily life.

Music Theory for Producers

Launching this Winter

Music theory isn't just for classical musicians and composers. Its just as much for rock musicians, beat makers, electronic and indi artists as it is for anyone else. Sharpen you knowledge of modern music and production techniques and enrich all of your future tracks.

Self Study

Learn your way on your own time

These courses are designed to allow you to learn at your own pace around your schedule. You will still have access to the same advanced courses, but at your own time. Join in on a tutoring session as needed.

Why PAC Music Academy?

PAC Music Academy was started by composer Bradford Eide to fill the gaps between YouTube and other online tutorials, and train musicians at all levels and backgrounds to become the musician they want to be.

Bradford is a graduate from Berklee College of Music, the top contemporary music school in the world, with a masters degree in composition, theory, and music production. It is this advanced level of education and training he brings to his courses and live classes in a digestible and relaxed way. 

Whether you are here for one tutoring session before an exam at another school, a shorter course on a specific topic, or the full 2 year program, you will get an advanced education without the advanced tuition anywhere else.  

Homeschool Program

This new program, available only to homeschool groups, takes the burden off the parents of teaching and grading music. All of that is handled by the academy including quality and concise instruction.

The flagship program is a 2 year composition course intended to take your child from little  knowledge of music to the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in music theory understanding and be able to articulate their own music in their own voice. This program will equip any student who wants to purse music in college and beyond with an advanced and keen understanding of music theory and composition. They will be more than prepared for conservatory where they will further expand on what what they have already learned. 

While this program is 2 years, it is split into 4 semesters so students can take as little as one semester. If your child graduates before they have completed the course, they can still continue the course at the home school price and reap all the benefits of learning advanced theory. 

In addition to music composition, various levels of theory are offered to students of any level who play any instrument. The advanced theory course will also lead up to a bachelor level of music competency. 

Composition Course

The flagship composition course is available to anyone outside of homeschools and is designed as both self study and guided instruction. Simply choose the method that works best for you. 
In this course you will start at ground zero to ensure no detail of music is missed, and by the end you will have an undergraduate level of theory and composition. 
You will be studying all styles of music from medieval to modern music, including jazz, pop, EDM, and contemporary neo-classical works. All of this will inform your own compositions and develop your compositional voice as you progress through the course.

There are three ways to take this course: Self study where you progress at your own pace on your own time, in a group class with a handful of other composers, or in private lessons working 1-on-1 with Bradford.  

Music Theory Courses

Performers and producers don’t need a composition course to learn theory. There are three courses to choose from depending on your goals: Beginning theory which will take you through all the fundamentals and set a solid foundation of musical understanding; intermediate theory which covers the fundamentals and more advanced topics; and advanced theory which is designed to give you an undergrad level of music theory education. 

Any of these courses you have the option to study at your own pace, learn and advance with a group, or get a tailored education in 1-on-1 private lessons. 

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Beginning Theory

Beginning music theory I starts September. Save your seat now and lay the foundations for understanding music. 

Private Instruction

Personal 1 on 1 instruction directly with Bradford Eide

Grading Support

Homeschool grades are all handled by the academy

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Weekly Lessons

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